Ready To Get Started Creating Low-Content Books?

That Are ready for publishing on amazon!

This course is exactly what you are looking for to learn how YOU can create low-content books like notebooks, planners, logs, journals, and more.

Once your book is created, I'll even show you how to get it listed on Amazon so people can buy it without you having to spend any money on boxes full of your books.

Did you know that some of the best selling books on Amazon have very little written content in them?

It's true!

Low-content books are selling like hot-cakes on Amazon right now and I want to show you how to get started with no expensive tools or upfront costs needed.

But, first, let's take a look at WHAT a low-content book actually is. 

I'm sure by the description of low-content books, you can imagine that it is a book that doesn't have much actual content…But, you may be surprised by just how little they actually have.

Typically, when I'm talking about a low-content book, it is some form of a planner, journal, or log book. 

For example, this mileage log book:

With a selling price of just $4.99 you may think this book isn't worth the time/effort of selling it.

Am I right?

Well, with an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of under 10,000 on Amazon, this book is likely selling about 25 copies PER DAY on Amazon.

A book selling for $4.99, like this one with 100 pages makes $.70 per book in royalties.

25 books x $.70 per book is $17.50 PER DAY.

This one book can bring in over $500 per month in completely passive income for the creator.

Imagine if you had 10 books just like this one?!?

Now, what do you think this mileage log looks like on the inside? Do you think it took a ton of time to create?

I don't think so! 

So, let's take a look…

Super simple interior page. 

In fact, you can use a free tool like Google Slides to create logs like this (hint: I show you exactly how in this course!)

There you have it! A useful, super simple low-content bookmaking over $500/month on Amazon.

This is the power of selling a low-content book on Amazon.

The Types Of Books You Create Are Totally Up To You!

The example mileage log I showed above is a very simple low-content book. With just one page that repeats over and over.

You can totally do that type of book too.

Or, you can get more creative and have even more pages.

Many of my students have created very unique journals and planners that meet a specific need people have.

They've created:

  • Weight Loss Journals
  • Gratitude Journals
  • Password Logs
  • Couples Journals
  • Blood Sugar Trackers
  • Organization Planners
  • Yearly Planners
  • Weekly Planners
  • Meal Planners
  • Guest Books
  • Prayer Journals
  • Sales Logs
  • and SO many more!

My first round of students created almost 150 journals in just 45 days!

Whatever you are passionate about can be turned into a planner, log book, or notebook.

YOU have something unique to bring to the table.

And, if you don't feel like you want to create something from your own experience, that's ok too! You can create a planner, journal, or logbook based on what is already selling well on Amazon (and I'll show you exactly how to figure it out!)


I Will Walk You Through The Entire Process Step-By-Step


I have a unique style of teaching that my students often rave about. I am able to take confusing topics and break them down into easy to follow steps so you feel confident to do it yourself.

Plus, I will show you the creation of a low-content Mileage Log Book where we go from concept to designed and then listed for sale on Amazon! 

You'll see every single step that I take to bring the book to life (and I even give you the source files so you can make one of your own if you want).

I feel confident that by the end of this training you will be able to create any low-content book your heart desires!

Do any of these sound familiar?


I don't know where to start!

You want to create your own unique journals, planners, and log-books, but the thought of just getting started is overwhelming and confusing. What tools do you need, how do you list it, etc.


I'm not very creative

When it comes to designing a planner or log-book you think there is no way YOU could actually create something that people want to buy. You may even feel like you don't have a creative bone in your body.


I Don't Wan't To Buy A Bunch of inventory

This sounds fun, but you sure don't want to end up with boxes and boxes of these low-content books sitting around your house waiting for someone to actually buy them from you.

What if I told you that…

The low content book creation course can help you get started today, without overwhelm, or spending a bunch of money on inventory? 

Here's what you will have mastered by the end of this low-content creation course:

How to find inspiration for low-content books that actually sell (and how to make yours better than the ones already available)

How to use the best FREE tools to research which books are actually selling and how much they are making (so you don't waste your time or money in the process)

How to create your own custom interior pages using FREE software (like Google Pages).

How to create attractive covers for your books (I mean, the cover is everything right?)

How to write titles and descriptions for your books so people know exactly what to expect and can't wait to buy

How to sign up for and use your Amazon KDP account

How to publish your planners, log books, and other low-content creations, on Amazon, without spending any money on inventory

How to know exactly what keywords to include in your listings so people can actually find your books (and of course buy them)

Most importantly, this training will leave you with the skills and confidence you need to apply these strategies and start building your low-content empire today!


What Others Say About This Course

This has been an awesome class and group! I learned so much and love your teaching style. I would love to know about any future classes. Thanks so much Jessica Larrew!

Robin S

Thanks to Jessica Larrew and the timely Low-Content Book course I was able to create writing journals for my students. Jessica patiently taught us how to create interiors to fit our needs and how to design appealing covers from scratch…and it certainly worked. The students loved them.

Fidel T

Thank you Jessica for all your help and training to get us all started with Low Content Books! It is greatly appreciated!!

Noel G

Let's Take A Look At Everything Included In Your Course Purchase Today

20 Step-By-Step Video Trainings

These videos will bring you along the journey with me of deciding on the perfect low-content book to create, designing it, and then listing it on Amazon.

When I create videos, they are over the shoulder and well explained so you know exactly what is happening every step of the way!

2 Printables & 1 Research Spreadsheet

I've created 2 PDF Printables for you to use in your low-content journey.

1. All of the FREE tools and resources that I show and use throughout this training, so you have them all in one place!

2. Writing the Perfect Listing Workbook – This workbook gives you a place to write out exactly what your Amazon book listing will say and what keywords you are trying to rank for.

3. A spreadsheet for you to keep track of all of your low-content research and ideas. Easily track what is selling well in different niches. Plus make notes on how you can do better than what is already available.

5 Different Interior Layout Templates You Can Use In YOUR New Books 

I've created 5 different interior templates that you can use inside of your low-content books, or use them as-is for your whole book.

You'll get:

  • Graph Paper in 2 sizes
  • Dot Journal Pages in 2 sizes
  • College Ruled Pages in 2 sizes
  • 2 Different 2022 Yearly Calendars
  • A Complete Mileage Log Book

These will get you off to a fast start as well as help you experiment with different design elements.

Are You Ready To Master Low Content Book Creation?

Join today and get instant access to all of the training videos, printables, spreadsheet, and interior page templates. You can get your first book listed on Amazon in a matter of days!

More Student Examples

Hey! I'm Jessica, Nice To Meet You…

I'm going to be your tour guide during this 30-day challenge!

I have a passion for creating passive income streams, where you do the work once and can make money for a long time.

People have been begging me for a few years to show them how to create low-content books on Amazon, and I've finally said yes.

I've been making money online full-time since 2008.

I've got many income streams and these days I only have to ‘work' when I really want to.

These days, my focus is on growing the passive income vs the active income and Low-Content products is one of the ways I plan to do that.

I'd love to have you join me in this journey 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a following to sell low-content books?

Great question! One thing I love about low-content books is you do not have to be the face of the product or have any type of audience to sell the low-content books to. In fact, that's the biggest benefit of using the Amazon KDP program for listing your books. They have buyers already looking for the stuff and ready to eagerly click ‘buy now'.

If you have an audience, you can offer the books to them, but it's not necessary at all!

I'm already selling low-content books, should I join?

Although I love the enthusiasm, this course isn't for you. 

This training is for people brand new to low-content creation. I take you threw the entire process step-by-step from the very beginning to listing/selling your books.

Do I have to buy software to create my own low-content books?

Don't you hate when you buy a course and then you have to buy more and more stuff just to do the thing you initially signed up for?!? I know I do! I purposefully used free tools for this course so that you can create your low-content books without spending extra money in the process.

For the interior pages we are using Google Slides and for the covers, we use Canva, and you can use the free version. If you want to upgrade, you can get a free month, and then it is $12.95/mo after that.


I have a question that hasn't been answered here...

Sorry about that! Glad to hear you are thinking of ‘all the things'!

Please feel free to reach out to me via email to and I'll do my best to answer your question ASAP.

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